Smart Entry

It's time to make the conversion to keyless entry with the Windsor Smart Entry range.

The desire for digital is increasing as homeowners are needing convenient security but wanting a lock that won’t disrupt the aesthetics.

It’s the perfect solution to all those situations where you don’t want to leave a key out including house sitting, pet minding, letting tradies in and Airbnb guests.

The Smart Entry range boasts five different locking options including Wi-Fi (via bridge) and Bluetooth. Multiple user pin-codes (including temporary codes) can be programmed and easily sent with a simple text message. Card access is also available with a backup mechanical keyway for peace of mind.

Versatility was considered as the range is suitable for use on aluminum and wooden doors. Available in three stocked finishes, Matt Black, Graphite Nickel and Stainless Steel and as a lever or mini lever option depending on what other hardware (if any) you wish to pair it with.

The perfect multi-functional solution for keeping your home secure.

Product ranges Features and benefits Installation Frequently asked questions

Smart Entry product range

Product ranges Features and benefits Installation Frequently asked questions

Features & benefits

- 30-60 backset options

- Suitable for aluminium and wooden doors

- Swinging or hinge door application

- Suits 30-80mm door thickness

- Water and dust tested to IP66 rating

- Easy installation and programming

- Multiple user functions from free to download app

Bonus features

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features Dynamic Code 2000x2000px
Dynamic Code

Need someone to feed your pets while you're away but don't want to leave a key out?

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features Automatic Lock Switch 2000x2000px
Automatic Lock Switch

Want to quickly pop out and check the mail without having to unlock your door every time?

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features Using Passage Mode 2000x2000px
Passage Mode

Freedom to give that indoor outdoor flow without having to unlock the door frequently.

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features Opening Record 2000x2000px
Opening Record

Keep track of who is coming and going in your home with the opening record feature.

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features One Time Code 2000x2000px
One Time Code

Have a plumber calling in to fix your tap while you’re at work? Save the dash home to meet him and unlock the door.

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features Periodic Code 2000x2000px
Periodic Code

Grant an Airbnb guest access for a short period of time with a definitive start and end date.

WAH Smart Entry Bonus Features Changing Home Roles 2000x2000px
Changing Home Roles

Have a new flatmate moving in and need to add a new person to your home?

Feature updates

Version 6

  1. Auto lock time delay, option to change time from 5-99 seconds
  2. Lock manually with keypad by holding the star key down for 3 seconds (when unit is in passage mode)
  3. Screen touch sensitivity increased
Product ranges Features and benefits Installation Frequently asked questions


Fitting instructions

To download a PDF version of the cropping template click here
To download a PDF version of the fitting instructions click here

Programming instructions

To download a PDF version of the programming instructions click here

Product ranges Features and benefits Installation Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How can you read opening records?


In the records of the main interface.

Why can I not unlock the lock after enabling the passage mode?


You need to perform an unlock verification on using any unlocking method, then the passage mode will take effect.

After installation the keypad screen does not respond.

  1. In this case, first check that the positive and negative electrodes of the battery have been installed the correct orientation and whether the batteries have enough power.
  2. Remove the back panel and see if it is connected properly.
  3. Remove the lock, check whether the wires of the lock body are squeezed, and then re-wire.

Why does the smart lock use a lot of power?

  1. Large standby power consumption
  2. Short circuit

There is no response when pushing the handle on the outside of the door, however it unlocks normally on the inside of the door. The verification is normal, and the motor is normal.


It may be the incorrect direction of the small triangle on the spindle shaft. Please refer to Step 5 on page. 4 of the Fitting & Programming Instructions.

After how many times of entering the wrong passcode will the keyboard lock? And how long will it stay locked for?


If you enter the wrong passcode more than 5 times in a row, the key board will lock for 90 seconds.

Can you program your lock remotely?


Yes, if it’s connected to a Wi-Fi bridge.

How do I know if my Windsor Wi-FI Bridge is working?


Turn off your Wi-Fi on your phone and if the Wi-Fi bridge is working it should still be connected.

Why does the bolt not throw when I lock using the app?


The bolt only throws by manually lifting the lever upward. The app disables and enables the latch only.

How many passwords can a lock have?


Maximum of 100 passwords.

How many users can a lock have?


Maximum of 100 users.

How will I know if the lock needs an update?


When opening the app if an update is needed a pop up will appear.

Can I adjust the screen brightness?


No the brightness cannot be adjusted.

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