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The Handshake of the Home

16 June 2022

Designed in New Zealand and expertly made by local craftspeople, this range of pull handles acts as a powerful statement when placed on equally stunning front doors – and people are taking notice.

When looking at a home as a whole, considering all the architectural and practical details, often it’s the small things that make a space stand out.

Fittings, light switches, door jambs — on their own they may be unremarkable, but in combination with each other they help create a cohesive ‘feel’ to a home.

But sometimes, some of these smaller architectural hardware details can break out of the ‘unremarkable’ category when taken on their own, due to the sheer quality, durability and longevity they embody. This is the case with Windsor Architectural Hardware’s New Zealand-made artisan pull handles, which can be used in multiple different applications.

Designed in New Zealand and expertly made by Kiwi craftspeople, locally, when these pull handles are placed on equally stunning front doors, they can act as a powerful statement — and they make people notice.

ArchiPro sat down with Windsor’s product design and development manager, Nick Baker, to discuss the reasons why this range of products stands out.

Made by Kiwis, for Kiwis

The first reason on the list: the craftsmanship. The three pull handles in the New Zealand-made collection are named after some of Aotearoa’s greatest and most renowned great walks; the Tasman, Kepler and Milford pull handles are made using quality materials by experienced hands.

“Unlike many pull handles on the market, this range is solid brass, rather than hollow brass,” says Nick, “and they all conform to our two-step manufacturing process: the actual manufacturing of the handles themselves, and then there’s the hand-finishing process.”

This finishing process offers specifiers or end-users with a decent degree of customisation: Windsor can bronze each handle to 12 different finishes based on specification, which can help the finished product to match a specific door’s design.

“Both these processes happen here in New Zealand,” says Nick. “And they both utilise handmade craftsmanship throughout.”

It’s this minute attention to detail that makes the range truly special when installed, and this is especially true when they’re placed on the front door.

“The front door is a very significant part of a home — it’s the first impression, it’s ‘the handshake of the home’,” says Nick. “You set the standard of the look and feel of the rest of the home with this first impression, and when it’s a stunning pull handle, you get people thinking, ‘I wonder what’s going to be behind that?’”

An emphasis on craftsmanship

And it’s not just the look of the hardware that forms a first impression — the feel of the ‘handshake’ is just as important, says Nick.

“These handles are quite heavy, being solid brass,” he says, “and you can’t underestimate the positive feeling that accompanies a really solid handle to get through a door. You get that feeling of quality right at the beginning of a visit to a home.”

While they are designed primarily for exterior doors, they can be used on interior doors, sliding French doors, closets, and even showers in some cases. But Nick’s word to the wise: they’re hefty, and their weight, both literal and figurative, means they are best suited to doors that demand a certain level of attention.

This is part of the reason why the range is named after New Zealand’s great walks; there are several distinct wonders to marvel at when tramping the Tasman, Kepler, and Milford walks. But the main message behind the names, however, is simple: they’re as Kiwi as each of those beloved hikes.

“Beyond just the improved quality that comes from manufacturing locally, both we as a company and our customers can benefit from the efficient lead times,” says Nick.

“Our ability to turn them around quickly, their quality, and their ability to be customised, all add up to make a product we’re really proud of.”

Source: ArchiPro

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