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Artistry in the Functional

29 April 2021

Windsor Architectural Hardware has expanded its collection of innovative and bespoke finishes. The NIDO collection shares Windsor’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, with a signature aesthetic of modest elegance, exhibiting the clean lines and robust materials that Windsor is known for. The range introduces a selection of modern classics to the home, finding true artistry in the functional.

The NIDO range is defined by a new textural element that sets it apart from the existing Windsor collection. A series of knurled levers are available, offering a truly unique tactile experience by means of precision machining. The knurled handles are a moment of refinement and quality, accentuating Windsor’s aesthetic that speaks with the quiet confidence that accompanies fine craftsmanship.

As with the wider Windsor Hardware collection, the NIDO range stays true to the three fundamental values of feel, finish, and function. Every piece of door furniture produced by Windsor has these elements in mind and holds them in harmony. Feel describes the experience of using the handle: this is the moment in the hand, the ergonomics and experience of textures and finishes. While the appearance of the NIDO range creates a striking first impression, it has also been designed with daily interactions in mind. Each piece delivers an experience that is enjoyable to use, every time.

Finish describes the artistry of the hardware. Available in a range of materials and finishes, the entire range is created to fit seamlessly in any home – blending with colour schemes and design aesthetics to both accentuate and integrate in every room. Function denotes the mechanism of the hardware, its purpose and place in use of space. The NIDO collection upholds Windsor’s industry-leading hardware with a new range of reliable mechanisms that deliver exceptional quality and dependable function.

The NIDO collection includes five new designs that each vary around a central form. The Lumina has diamond knurling around the lever for a premium textured feel. The Sona’s barrel lever tapers into a smooth neck with flattened sides leading into the attachment to the door. The Verge and Linear introduce perpendicular T-bar intersections on the handle’s neck. Here the lever carries on past the join and is intersected to bring an aesthetic point of difference and a sense of pivot. The knurling of the Lumina is present again here in the Verge design for a textural experience. Finally, the Modella deviates from the barrel-lever and instead offers a sleek and slim oval shaped lever. In the hand, the Modella is slight, a balance of slender design with robust materials.

Each piece in the NIDO collection is available in a range of finishes, including matt black, brushed nickel, graphite nickel and matte satin brass, with a slim 7mm-thick rose or longplate, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Windsor Architectural Hardware has crafted a piece to suit any space and every home.

Source: The Local Project

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