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About us

Windsor Architectural Hardware is one of the most recognised and respected brands of high end boutique hardware products in the residential sector.

Established in 1984 Windsor sought to go beyond what had already been mastered. What started as a vision has today become a leading supplier in the New Zealand market as an award winning, national architectural hardware company, that is actively expanding into Australia.

Our proven experience has led the Windsor name to be renowned for a commitment to continuous improvement enabling the company to remain progressive and stay ahead of market trends. But what always remains constant is our reputation for exceptional customer service and quality.

Vision, Mission and Values


Being the architectural hardware company of choice that understands and satisfies the product and service needs of our customers, driven by the creativity, agility and teamwork of our people.


We fulfil dreams and needs by providing innovative, bespoke architectural hardware products that are elegant, functional, reliable and produced in a sustainable way.

Our Values






Our Team

We’re proud of the passionate team we have here at Windsor, who are always striving to provide the highest standards of products and service to our customers. Meet some of them below.


New Zealand

Maiyan Maher
Executive Assistant to Managing Director
Jon Stubbs
Procurement & Supplier Relationship Manager
Nick Baker
Product Design & Development Manager
Gabby Hitchcock
Customer Services Team Leader

Sales Representative for Southland region.

William Barrie
Customer Services and Sales Representative
Andrea Cowles
Customer Services
Latasha Logan
Customer Services

Our Story


From the warm embrace of the Hickmott family home you can see the luminescent glow from the backyard shed. Home is where the heart is – and backyards are where dreams become reality.

As daylight fades to dusk, and dusk to evening, the light continues to shine. Inside, hours and hours of creating, adjusting and tinkering are bringing to life an engineer’s long-held vision.

Windsor is a company founded on innovation. The Kiwi can-do spirit is fundamental to the core business; from the very beginning, Windsor sought to go beyond what had already been mastered.

& Now

From humble beginnings in the backyard shed in 1984 to now, the Windsor story is one of family, craftsmanship and determination.

The backyard shed became an industrial premises, lacquering door knobs in the living room became a commercial spray booth and hand finishing handles in 20L buckets became a formal bronzing line.

What started as a vision has today become a significant player in the Australasian market specialising in bespoke hardware products for residential homes.


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